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Why switch to LED lighting?

Recent years have seen an abundance of talk about LED light bulbs and the benefits that they have for a home or business. So, why would you need us here at INUI to remind you of them?

Well, it’s simple – many people are still stuck in the mode of thinking that the question “Why switch to LED lighting?” must always be answered in terms of the money and energy they apparently save, or how ‘eco-friendly’ they are. If you run a business, for instance, you may be getting a little tired of all of the talk of how LED light bulbs can help to show the ‘social responsibility’ of your brand.

However, the reasons to switch to LED lighting – whether you are looking to fit such lights in a domestic property, office, warehouse, showroom or even on the street, to give just some of the settings in which they are now widely used – are more numerous and dare we say it, exciting than you might think.

Let’s start with the obvious reasons...

Yes, it’s true that from a pure ‘bean counting’ perspective, LED lighting is a fabulous investment. We could cite you all manner of figures on this subject that will probably cause your eyes to glaze over in boredom. So instead, we’ll present you with our LED Lighting Calculator so that you can see for yourself just what meaty savings you could achieve.

OK, let’s give you just one example. If we go by the calculation of the Energy Savings Trust that the UK national average price per kWh for electricity is 14.05p, and we enter that into the relevant box of our calculator – together with five lamps, a bulb wattage of 100 and eight working hours per day – we’ll be told that we can reduce our current £243.45 annual running costs to £146.07.

This assumes, of course, that you are currently only using traditional incandescent bulbs, and that you switch completely to an LED solution. It’s also only one of the many great ways to answer the question “Why switch to LED lighting?”

Many of the benefits of led bulbs are far from obvious

You may have read a lot in the past about why switching to LED lighting makes so much sense. You may therefore already be familiar with how much longer they typically last than traditional bulbs – approximately 20 times – as well as their environmental friendliness.

The latter has been attributed to not only the reduced amount of energy that LED bulbs use, but also their recyclability. By comparison, old-style CFL energy-saving bulbs contain mercury, so they need to be disposed of in a manner that prevents the contamination of a waste site. Indeed, you will find no hazardous solids, liquids or gases of any kind in an LED bulb.

But were you aware that LED lighting has also been associated with such benefits as the encouragement of plant growth, safeguarding the health of your skin due to the absence of UV light, and a ‘warm glow’ much like the one that leads many people to stick stubbornly to the use of traditional incandescent bulbs? But unlike those time-honoured options, LEDs are cold to the touch rather than hot, so are not wasting heat.

What about the fact that LED lighting is completely silent – not producing the annoying ‘humming’ that has been associated with other bulb options – or that it doesn’t attract bugs and insects? You may also notice that the LED lights in your home or business premises don’t flicker. They’re almost impossible to break, too, thanks to their thick epoxy.

Led lighting gives you so many benefits

We could go on and on, but we think we’ll leave things there for now. The bottom line is that LED bulbs are far from gimmicky, and certainly aren’t only of relevance to ‘eco warriors’ or those obsessed with saving pennies.

They’re a modern and suitable lighting solution for every resident or business owner, and when you purchase yours from INUI, you can be sure of purchasing the products that best suit your needs – at the right price.