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LED UVC Lights

INUI are introducing an exciting range of LED UVC Sterilisation products that are ideal for home and travel use as well as our high powered Commercial and Industrial range.

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UVC (along with UVA and UVB) is one of three types of Ultra Violet light that has a short energetic wavelength of between 200-280 nanometres (nm).  Over a century ago scientists discovered the ability of UVC to kill microorganisms at the DNA level and it has since been used regularly for sterilisation in hospitals, warehouses, workshops, offices, clothing outlets, airlines and the sanitisation of drinking water.

INUI LED's high powered industrial and commercial UVC range must be integrated into systems that ensure its operation only when premises are unoccupied to prevent accidental exposure, which could be harmful.

Please note, there are strict guidelines against using UVC lights to sanitise hands or other areas of the skin, as even brief exposure to UVC light can cause burns and eye damage.  Please call us for advice.

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  1. UVC Air Filtration Light
    UVC Air Filtration Light
    Offer Price £799.00 RRP £1,299.00
  2. UVC-LED Tester
    UVC-LED Tester
    Offer Price £869.00 RRP £999.00
  3. UVC- S2 Wand
    UVC- S2 Wand
    Offer Price £49.00 RRP £179.00
  4. UVC-S-Box
    Offer Price £99.00 RRP £199.00
  5. SMART UVC 5-watt Downlight
    SMART UVC 5-watt Downlight
    Offer Price £34.00 RRP £99.00
  6. UVC Automatic Door Handle Sanitiser
    UVC Automatic Door Handle Sanitiser
    Offer Price £36.00 RRP £88.00
  7. SMART UVC 14-watt Downlight
    SMART UVC 14-watt Downlight
    Offer Price £55.00 RRP £149.00
  8. SMART UVC 18-watt Downlight
    SMART UVC 18-watt Downlight
    Offer Price £57.00 RRP £149.00
  9. UVC Automatic Down Light
    UVC Automatic Down Light
    Offer Price £134.00 RRP £249.00
  10. UVC-Mobile Multi-Box
    UVC-Mobile Multi-Box
    Offer Price £199.00 RRP £279.00
  11. UVC-Travel Bag
    UVC-Travel Bag
    Offer Price £88.00 RRP £169.00
  12. UVC-S1+Maxi Box
    UVC-S1+Maxi Box
    Offer Price £79.00 RRP £159.00
  13. UVC LED Tape
    UVC LED Tape
    Offer Price £199.00 RRP £249.00
  14. UVC Mobile
    UVC Mobile
    Offer Price £1,119.00 RRP £1,699.00
  15. UVC HVAC
    Offer Price £349.00 RRP £599.00
  16. UVC Air-Conditioner
    UVC Air-Conditioner
    Offer Price £929.00 RRP £1,299.00
  17. UVC Portable
    UVC Portable
    Offer Price £249.00 RRP £399.00
  18. 600x600mm SMART UVC LED Panel
    600x600mm SMART UVC LED Panel
    Offer Price £189.00 RRP £299.00
  19. 300x1200mm SMART UVC LED Panel
    300x1200mm SMART UVC LED Panel
    Offer Price £199.00 RRP £329.00
  20. UVC Profile 300
    UVC Profile 300
    Offer Price £49.00 RRP £79.00
  21. 120-watt UVC Canopy Light
    120-watt UVC Canopy Light
    Offer Price £1,299.00 RRP £1,899.00
  22. UVC Air Purification Panel LED Light
    UVC Air Purification Panel LED Light
    Offer Price £599.00 RRP £899.00
    Out of stock
  23. UVC Linear 9334
    UVC Linear 9334
    Offer Price £899.00 RRP £1,149.00
  24. UVC Linear 9354
    UVC Linear 9354
    Offer Price £1,049.00 RRP £1,349.00
  25. UVC Linear 9375
    UVC Linear 9375
    Offer Price £1,149.00 RRP £1,449.00
  26. UVC Linear 10640
    UVC Linear 10640
    Offer Price £725.00 RRP £925.00
  27. UVC Linear 10675
    UVC Linear 10675
    Offer Price £1,399.00 RRP £1,449.00
  28. UVC Linear 106130
    UVC Linear 106130
    Offer Price £1,369.00 RRP £1,569.00
  29. UVC Linear 106150
    UVC Linear 106150
    Offer Price £1,449.00 RRP £1,649.00
  30. UVC-FLD20
    Offer Price £289.00 RRP £499.00
  31. UVC-FLD50
    Offer Price £436.00 RRP £599.00
  32. UVC-FLD100
    Offer Price £749.00 RRP £999.00

Items 1-32 of 38

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