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IP65 LED Panels

The IP (Ingress Protection) system rates products on their protection against dust and water. Our IP65 panels have been thoroughly and rigorously tested to achieve their IP65 rating. To give you an idea of the testing parameters our panels undertake, one of our tests involves completely submerging the panel in a tank of water (our test only).

Quality Products at Affordable Prices

We are the main UK supplier of the IP65 LED panels and the first to bring this high-quality product to the UK, others have tried to copy our products and some have even purchased from us and claimed to be the manufacturer of our products but none have come up to the standard we set. With prices starting from £55.00, our IP65 Light fittings are available in a range of different sizes and power options so you're sure to find the ideal panel for your needs. The high IP rating makes them suitable for use in wet and damp environments such as bathrooms, utilities and clean room areas. We are the only true IP65 flat panel supplier in the UK which is why these bespoke panels are made to order only. Remember it’s the front of the panel that gives out the light and the back of the panel is where the hard work takes place. There may be small amounts of sealing compound at the back side of the panel which is unavoidable for this type of product.


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  1. LED Canopy Panel Light
    LED Canopy Panel Light
    Offer Price £240.00 RRP £360.00
  2. Water-resistant IP65 300x300mm LED Panel
    IP65 300x300mm LED Panel
    Offer Price £115.00 RRP £149.00
  3. IP65 300x600mm LED Panel
    IP65 300x600mm LED Panel
    Offer Price £129.00 RRP £158.00
  4. IP65 600x600mm LED Panel
    IP65 600x600mm LED Panel
    Offer Price £158.00 RRP £183.00
  5. IP65 300x1200mm LED Panel
    IP65 300x1200mm LED Panel
    Offer Price £165.00 RRP £196.00
  6. IP65 600x1200mm LED Panel
    IP65 600x1200mm LED Panel
    Offer Price £268.00 RRP £299.00
  7. 0-10v Remote control wall dimmer
    0-10v Remote control wall dimmer
    Offer Price £32.00 RRP £48.00

7 Items

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