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UVC LED Sanitisation

Is your company ready for the get back to work campaign? Does your commercial or industrial premises require cleaning at the end of every day? Do you and your staff want to leave work, knowing that a deep sanitisation has been carried out for added protection in time for your return? In today’s climate, it’s more important than ever before to take all precautions to fight any viruses and bacteria that sit on surfaces.

INUI’s LED technology is a perfect and simple solution. We have introduced an exciting new range of LED UVC Sterilisation products that are ideal for domestic and travel use, as well as our high powered commercial and industrial range.

How does LED UVC work?

LED UVC (along with UVA and UBV) is one of three types of UV light that has a short energetic wavelength of between 100-400 nanometres (nm). Over a hundred years ago, scientists discovered that UVC can be used to kill microorganisms by destroying their genetic material, and has since been used regularly in hospitals, offices, airlines and in the sanitisation of drinking water.

INUI LED has developed a UVC range between 256-280nm, which is optimum for killing viruses and bacteria in the shortest time possible depending on the area being exposed. These High powered UVC lights must be integrated into systems that turn on when no one is present for complete safety. Most importantly there are strict guidelines against using UVC disinfection lamps to sanitise hands or other areas of the skin, even brief exposure to UVC light can cause burns and eye damage so if you are unsure call for further advise. Our products have CE certification and come complete with full safety instructions.