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How LED sports stadium lights enhance the live experience at sporting events

Everyone knows the power sport holds to bring people together in unison, cheering individuals and teams on with fervent passion. Whether it's amateur level sport at your local club or a full-fledged professional event with tens of thousands of fans and TV cameras from across the globe, there’s nothing quite like the rush and excitement of an enthralling live sporting event that gets you off your seat.

The enhanced optics and engineering of Inui’s LED sports stadium lights raise the bar and contribute towards laying the ground for anyone experiencing unforgettable moments at live sporting events to the fullest. We at Inui, leading UK LED lighting suppliers, have taken a look into how LED sports stadium lights enhance the live experience at sporting events. 

Enabling athletes to perform to their maximum potential

Anyone who has played sports will know, that the slightest of details can make the greatest of differences. The margin between winning and losing in competitive live sporting events can be a hair’s breadth.

Inui’s range of LED sports stadium lighting with high wattage, lumen outputs, correlated colour temperatures (CCTs), and flexible beam angles can help athletes distinguish vital objects better during evening and night time fixtures. Whether it be to help sportspeople focus their eyes on a football, hockey puck, cricket ball, or baton in an athletics relay race, having excellent illumination is vital for competitive athletes. 

But don’t think that LED sports stadium lighting is just something for professional sporting outfits to make the most of. Year after year, we at Inui help to design and install LED sports stadium lights for dedicated amateur sports clubs. Recently, we successfully performed an LED outdoor lighting upgrade for Widnes Tennis Club.

Image of a football pitch with flood lights.

Improving the fan experience

Ever tried making out a cricket ball flying through the air at great speed from right the other side of a stadium? It can be a tall order, particularly for those attending matches who are partially sighted or have issues with their vision. There’s also nothing quite like the kick of attending night time sporting events in the dark and the camaraderie it sparks amongst spectators. 

Top-quality LED sports stadium lights help to bolster the fan experience. After all, you want the stadium lighting to provide you with the best possible optics so that your memories of amazing live sporting moments will remain crystal clear in your mind. At Inui, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating the highest quality precision LED lighting products for customers and our design and installation service that comes with a 5 year warranty. 

Image of a floodlit football stadium with fans.


LED lighting makes night time sporting events much safer overall

Having top LED lighting in the stadium makes night time events significantly safer for both spectators and the athletes taking part. In addition, LED lighting can be used in other applications in and around the stadium to make night time sporting events safer, for instance for lighting concourses, illuminating spots immediately outside the stadium, car parks, bus stops, local train stations and so on. 

Providing a better viewing experience for those watching on television and streams

Not everyone can make sporting events live in person, and many professional sports contests enjoy loyal international television and streaming audiences. First-class LED sports stadium lighting also makes it much easier for broadcasters to film live sporting events in the dark, in turn improving the viewing experience for anyone watching at home. 

Making referees’ and umpires’ jobs easier

The biggest decisions in live sporting events are often left for referees and umpires to decide on. Even with new technologies such as Hawkeye in tennis and VAR in football, having adjustable high lumen LED sports stadium lighting with long life spans will help referees and umpires to be able to make accurate calls more often than not. So, getting first-class LED sports stadium lighting is an important way to make referees’ and umpires’ difficult jobs that bit easier.

Benefits of LED sports stadium lights over HIDs

Whereas HIDs (High-Intensity Discharge) sports stadium lights can take a fair while to charge up to reach their full illumination power, LEDs can reach their maximum lumen levels straight after being turned on. Therefore, when using LED sports stadium lights, you don’t have to worry about athletes’ crucial pre-event warm-ups on the day being affected due to having to wait for lights to reach their maximum brightness. 

LEDs are better for the environment and much cheaper for sports clubs to run compared to other lighting options because of their high energy efficiency. Inui is proud to be a brand that is devoted to doing our bit to protect the planet, and we are a Carbon Trust accredited supplier and installer. 

Thinking of ways to enhance the experience of your sports club venue’s live events for everyone? Perhaps you’ve got a lot of evening fixtures coming up under the cover of darkness? If so, get in touch with Inui by calling us on 01509 226 355 or emailing our helpful team at sales@inui.co.uk.