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How much does tennis court lighting cost?

Tennis is a popular sport in the UK, a 2017 report stated around 608,000 LTA members were playing across 23,000 different tennis courts. 

It’s no secret that the days during the wintertime here can be cold and short and it can get dark as early as 4 pm. But what about those who want to play tennis outdoors despite the dark nights? What is a modern energy-efficient lighting solution for tennis courts?

At Inui, we have extensive industry expertise in manufacturing and installing top-of-the-range LED flood lights for outdoor tennis courts which allow people to play tennis in the dark evenings perfectly safely.

Most tennis clubs run on tight budgets, so here we take a look into how much tennis court lighting costs.

Image of an outdoor tennis court with two tennis balls and a racket.

Price of LED flood light units

If you want to play tennis outdoors and see the ball properly in the dark, the LTA recommends lighting levels of a minimum of 500 LUX in the principal area of play, i.e. on the court.

The cost of LED flood lights varies greatly. It depends on the model, size, and power of the equipment you go for. To give you a good idea of pricing, in the Inui LED sports stadium flood lights range, the cheapest single modular flood light is £299, and the most expensive is £1,860, and these are highly competitive rates.

An additional cost to consider could well be putting up poles to support the tennis court flood lights if needs be, and taller poles will tend to cost you a bit more.

Image of modular tennis court flood light.

How much is the electrical wiring?

LED flood lighting at a tennis court will of course need to be wired up safely by a qualified safety-conscious electrician. But how much does this cost? Well, the standard rate for an electrician in the UK is around £40 per hour.

However, here at Inui, we offer a full design and installation service for flood lights, and that includes things like sorting out the electrical wiring.

Cost of engineering work 

It is harder to install LED flood lights in certain tennis courts compared to others. For example, an outdoor tennis court may be on a slight hill or the flood lights may be in bad nick due to damaged underground electrics.

In terms of the cost of engineering work, it all depends on the size of the court, the number of flood lights that need installing, the extent of work that needs doing, and the number of staff it takes to complete it. However, professional engineers often don’t come cheap, particularly if they are made to work long hours.

Installation costs for LED flood lights for outdoor tennis courts

Installation costs will depend on the size and amount of poles and fixtures used to put up the LED flood lights. At Inui, we now offer a full LED lighting design and installation package with a 5-year warranty on selected products for tennis clubs out there keen to have new LED flood lights fitted as soon as possible.

Attempting DIY and trying to install your own tennis club’s LED flood lights when you don’t know what you are doing is a risk that is not worth taking. It is a good idea to get the professionals in during the installation process, even if it costs you a bit more.

High energy prices 

It is no secret that energy prices have soared in recent times. So, make sure you factor energy prices into the costs of providing LED outdoor tennis court lighting.  

To save money on high electricity bills for tennis lighting, try to get tennis club members into good energy-saving habits, such as turning lights off as soon as they leave the court.

Year after year, we provide and install LED flood lighting for a range of satisfied tennis clubs. Learn more about the first-class LED lighting upgrade we provided for the Widnes Tennis Club here.

Interested in getting new LED lights for an outdoor tennis court you play at? Get in touch with us at Inui today by phoning us on 01509 266355 or sending an email to sales@inui.co.uk