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The power of LEDs in light of the energy crisis

The energy crisis has led to a considerable rise in bills for individuals, families, and businesses across the world. Rising energy prices are putting more and more people in the UK at risk of falling into fuel poverty, that is, spending an excessive proportion of their monthly income on covering their household energy consumption costs.

So, what can you do to help mitigate the energy crisis and bring down the amount you spend on energy bills? Lighting makes up 11% of the average UK household electricity consumption.

Here at Inui, as a market-leading supplier of LED lighting solutions, we know all about how opting to use energy-efficient LED lighting can help you navigate the energy crisis and reduce your bills. In this piece, we have decided to shine a light on the power of LEDs in the current energy crisis.


Improved energy efficiency

Energy efficiency in lighting is how much energy it takes to produce light. LED diodes provide you with far superior energy efficiency compared to traditional filament light bulbs such as incandescent, CFLs and halogen. In fact, LEDs use up to 90% less energy than incandescent light bulbs.

LED bulb on an energy efficiency certificate

So, a major reason why you should go for LED lights at home or in your business in light of the energy crisis is their impressive energy efficiency! Do you run a business that has to pay the bills to operate lighting on a large scale daily, such as in a warehouse facility? You can reduce your expenditures on covering lighting costs by switching to LED lighting today, that way your profits shouldn’t get eaten into due to the energy crisis. 


Reduce electricity bills

The main benefit of the high energy efficiency of LED lights is reducing your electricity bills considerably at a time when electricity prices have spiked dramatically in this energy crisis. LED lighting could save British households up to £250 per year!

You really will notice the difference in cost in no time when you switch from using traditional bulbs to LEDs. So, being slow to switch to LED lights could harm your bank balance.    


LED street lighting 

LEDs offer 360° lighting, hence they make excellent street lights. Councils and governments in the UK and across the world spend tons of money every year on street lighting for public places. 

LED street lights

Therefore, one of the powers of LEDs in light of the energy crisis is they can go a long way in cutting the expenditure of council and government departments on street lights. Government bodies need to save all the public they can in order to spend it on the most vulnerable in society, and opting for LED street lights is one clever and powerful money-saving solution.


LED lights perform even better in cold weather 

When it gets colder, fluorescent lamps require a higher voltage to start and their light intensity diminishes. This certainly isn’t the case with LED lights! In fact, LEDs tend to perform slightly better efficiency-wise in colder weather.

Therefore, if you live somewhere particularly cold in the UK and are looking to put lighting outside your home this winter, you should go for LEDs! 


Your LED lighting supply can’t be turned off on a whim

Energy politics is sadly still a real thing. World leaders of countries supplying vast amounts of energy sometimes like to remind other parts of the world they have the power to cut off their energy supply at any moment. 

LED outdoor light

Fortunately, LED lighting is a sustainable energy source that comes from a diode emitting light when a current flows through it. So, using LEDs in the energy crisis, you have the advantage of not having to worry about the uncertainty of your supply being cut off at any given moment at the snap of someone’s fingers.


They have a longer lifespan

Traditional light bulbs with filaments produce an intense amount of heat and are scorching hot to the touch in no time. Incandescent bulbs get hot because they are inefficient at converting electrical energy into light. 

This build-up of heat can lead to them smashing pretty early on. LEDs on the other hand have a considerably longer lifespan. The robustness of LEDs is due to the fact they don’t contain any working parts that will burn out or break over time. 

In the energy crisis, you want a lighting solution you can rely on that will stand the test of time, not something that breaks every few days. LEDs are a long-term lighting solution you can depend on. LEDs not requiring you to constantly buy new replacement bulbs are one of the reasons why they are much more eco-friendly.  


The famous Oxford Street Christmas lights will be LED this year!

A good example of the power of LEDs in these turbulent times is the organisers of the iconic Oxford Street Christmas Lights 2022 choosing to use LEDs with the energy crisis in mind. They have taken this step due to the high energy efficiency of LEDs, and with the knowledge that their overheads will be lower as a direct result of this. 

Oxford Street Christmas lights

Fear not, using hundreds of thousands of LED lights made from recycled polymer won’t make the show any less amazing. In fact, the lights display will look more impressive than ever this year! There’s nothing quite like the vibe of the capital all illuminated at Christmas time. 

Looking to mitigate the energy crisis with reliable LED lighting technology? At INUI, we are proud to offer customers a complete selection of energy-saving, innovative and affordable LED lighting options suitable for your home or business.  Get in touch with us today by calling 01509 266 355 or emailing sales@inui.co.uk.