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What are the advantages of using LED flood lights at sports venues?

LEDs are around 80% more energy efficient than traditional forms of lighting, and their lifespan is far longer and up to 50,000 hours meaning they often last 10-15 years. Therefore, it is little surprise that many sports venues are switching to using LED flood lights. 

Here, Inui takes a further look into the advantages of using LED flood lights at sports venues.

Image of a flood light at a sports ground.

Bright, uniform illumination

Ever played football on a dark Tuesday night in wintertime and tried making a 60-yard-long pass to a teammate but struggled to do so because of poor flood lighting with weak spots? Fortunately, one of the benefits of LED flood lights for sports venues is that they provide excellent bright and equal illumination.

Other forms of lighting aren’t a patch on LEDs when it comes to the equal distribution of bright light, and this is what makes LED flood lighting the best option for sports venues. At Inui, we are expert LED lighting suppliers offering an extensive range of high-performance LED sports stadium lights. 

Save money

Higher energy bills mean significantly higher operational costs for match days and training sessions for sports clubs everywhere. The good news is that going with LED flood lights is the cheaper choice due to their superior efficiency and low energy wastage.

Easier to pick out colours

In a large number of team sports, the ability to see colours accurately can make a real difference in gameplay, and passing to someone in a red shirt instead of your teammate in a blue one could have dire consequences! 

LED sports flood lights usually have a high Colour Rendering Index, making it far easier for players, refereeing officials, and spectators to distinguish and make out different colours.

Improved matchday experience for players and spectators

Spectators and fans are the life and soul of sports venues. After all, sports clubs would cease to exist without their loyal support. The good thing about LED flood lights is that thanks to their enhanced brightness and uniform light distribution, they in turn create an improved match experience for players and spectators alike since they enable everyone to follow play much more easily.

LED flood lights with their high brightness and equal distribution of light help to ensure that loyal spectators get their money’s worth, attending live sporting events in the UK isn’t always cheap.

With decent LED flood lighting that is fitted properly, spectators should be able to clearly see what is going on right on the other side of the stadium. At Inui, we offer a full LED lighting design and installation package with a 5-year warranty on selected products and the option of a 5-year return-to-site warranty.

Image of sports fans in the stadium.

Weather durability

Cold weather doesn’t impact LEDs because LED lights need electricity instead of heat to turn on. This means that they function perfectly well in cold weather, something that is crucial for sports primarily played in the winter months. In fact, LED flood lights tend to prosper and perform even better in colder weather conditions.

LEDs are the greener option

Doing your bit to help preserve the planet and help to protect the immediate area surrounding your sports venue is essential. It is a bad look if you are not a sustainability focussed outfit. 

Your sports club venue will be able to operate much more sustainably if you choose to use LED flood lights. This is because LEDs are highly energy efficient, have a low carbon footprint, and they do not contain the hazardous toxic chemicals like mercury that other forms of lighting such as CFLs have. So, doing the right thing and going for LED flood lighting at sports venues will have a positive effect on the planet.

Perhaps it’s time to treat players and spectators to some needed upgrades. Are you interested in getting your hands on LED flood lights for a sports venue? Get in touch with us at Inui today by calling 01509 226 355 or emailing sales@inui.co.uk, we are a friendly knowledgeable team that is here to help.