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5* Rating on Google

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Why you should upgrade to LED flood lights

An upgrade to LED Flood Lights will yield many benefits to areas where security and peoples safety are important.  Here, we discuss some of the main advantages of LED Flood Lights.

Security and safety

High-powered LED flood lights will add greater security to your domestic or commercial property.  The addition of PIR (passive infra red) movement sensors will ensure lighting is utilised as it is required; thereby combining security with efficiency.  Brightly lit walkways and running paths deter crime and create a sense of night time safety for their users. LED flood lights can also accent adjacent buildings, transforming drab or ominous areas into attractive and accessible places for use during the night time.

Increased energy efficiency

All LED flood lighting is more energy efficient than old Metal Halide or Halogen lighting. This is because LED (Light Emitting Diode) produces light using diodes which incur less energy in comparison to Metal Halide and Halogen lights. Metal Halide and Halogen lights utilise filaments from which a by-product of heat wastage is created. This wasted heat also causes Metal Halide and Halogen lights to fail more rapidly and in turn creates a greater expense in terms of maintenance and light replacement. Therefore, LEDs are more energy efficient, have a significantly longer life-time and require minimal maintenance in comparison to Metal Halide and Halogen lights.

Reduce carbon emissions and become environmentally friendly

LED flood lights require less electricity to run for a comparable light output produced by Metal Halide and Halogen lighting. Reduction in electricity usage decreases the amount of carbon emissions produced through the burning of fossil fuels. This reduction in pollution levels has long-term benefits to both the environment and human health. Another environmental consequence of Metal Halide or Halogen lights is that they become ‘hazardous waste’ on their disposal.  This is because the gases and mercury that they contain necessitate special disposal procedures in order to avoid environmental contamination. As LED flood lights do not require continual replacement, there is much less wastage of the products themselves.

Effective lighting

The lumen (light) output of LED flood lighting is much more powerful than that achievable with Metal Halide or Halogen lighting. It is often the case that fewer LED lights, operating at a lower wattage, can achieve a more powerful light output than that of Metal Halide or Halogen lights. LED flood lights produce instant light and overcome the problem of a 'warming up' period that is required with Metal Halide lights. Additionally, there is no heat wastage or requirement of ventilation, often necessary with Halogen lights. LED flood lights are also dimmable - a feature that is both difficult and expensive to achieve with Metal Halide lights.  Finally, an upgrade to LED flood lights can enable a number of effects to be created to suit any particular setting. With a choice of colour temperature – from warm white to natural daylight through to cool white and combined with customised beam angles, any particular setting can be enhanced.

So now you are aware of just a few of the benefits of an upgrade to LED flood lights, what are you waiting for? Contact us and our friendly team can discuss your individual requirements with you.