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5* Rating on Google

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UVC- S2 Wand

£40.00 £179.00 excl vat
SKU: UVC- S2 Wand

UVC- S2 Wand

£40.00 £179.00 excl vat
SKU: UVC- S2 Wand

£40.00 £179.00


SPECIAL OFFER ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST TRADE PRICE £69.00 We are cheaper than our competitors such as Amazon and Maplin - The UVC S-2 Wand Steriliser is suited to larger areas such as clothing, desk/table tops, lap-top computers or any surfaces where people may congregate and microorganisms can be transferred. The Wand takes 15 to 20 swipes at a distance of between 0cm to 3cm to eliminate up to 99% of tested microorganisms by emitting UVC light through 20 LED lights and has an automatic shut-off mechanism. The Wand also has an automatic cut-out if it is tilted towards the user in order to protect their eyes and skin. It has a child lock for additional safety. Care must be taken to ensure the light doesn’t come into contact with skin and eyes and we recommend the use of gloves and the supplied UVC glasses whilst using this product. This is not a replacement to your normal cleaning and is ONLY an "AID" to this cleaning. The Wand Steriliser comes with full operating and safety instructions and has a 12-month warranty. Please note that there are a lot of copies of this product being sold on the market at discounted prices, please be aware there are no genuine UVC products of this quality. Call for discounted prices with us today on 01509 266355.

  • Warranty1-Year
  • Life Span10,000 Hours
  • Power (Watts)7-watt
  • Size (mm)257 x 42 x 40mm
  • Weight200g
  • MaterialPC
  • Lumen Output260 - 280nm
  • CRIn/a
  • PF (Power Factor)n/a
  • UGR<24
  • Safe Working Temp- 20℃ ~ 40℃
  • IP Rating42
  • Input Voltage5v DC 1000mA Input-Type-C USB
  • LED ChipUVC Ultraviolet
  • Colour (CCT)260 - 280nm
  • Driver MakeINUI Spec'd
  • Beam Angle (°)120º
  • Dimming OptionsN/A
  • CertificationCE & 3C
  • ApplicationsUVC Sterilisation , Bacteria Control

How do you accept payment?

We keep things simple. We take credit or debit cards & bank transfer, we also offer 30 days credit once the application form has been completed. First orders are always on a Pro-Forma basis.

Will you increase your prices once brexit is implemented?

We have planned for this from day one. Our prices are structured even in the event of a No Deal and the £ ~ $ hitting it's lowest ever rate so you can rest assured our prices will remaine some of the most competitive.

What about new features?

We are always working on new features for our products that will help increase the ROI for you or your client.

In which countries is inui led happy to deal with?

INUI has in the last 24 months become an internationally recognised supplier of high quality LED products, so we are happy to deal globally.

Are payment custom plans available?

Yes! Please contact us on 01509 266355 and we can put together a quote and payment terms that best fits your needs and satisfies our payment requirements. 

Why are you so cheap?

Word of mouth is our best marketing tool which is why we don't have a large sales team. Instead we invest in development and focus on constantly improving our product range. We charge what we feel is fair and what covers our costs which is why we now give all our customers Trade Prices when buying from us.

Is my customer data safe with inui led?

We can ensure you that all data sent to INUI LED is handled securely. All data is stored on UK based encrypted servers.

How do I cancel my account?

Cancelling your account on our website is an easy and no-questions-asked process. You do it simply from your dashboard. If you close your account with INUI LED, we simply remove the access to the dashboard and all your data, we do have to hold invoice data for legal accounting reasons.

Does the inui sales team work on commission basis for sales?

No one at INUI works on commission, so you don't have to worry about anyone selling you something you don't need. We're simply here to help you have the best shopping experience possible so that you will return again and again.