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The importance of sustainable outdoor lighting for sports clubs

Tennis, football, rugby, hockey, and athletics, are just a few of the outdoor sports that people brave the cold for at sports clubs across the country, even when the nights draw in. Sports clubs are now looking for feasible ways to have high-performance outdoor lighting that is also sustainable and protects the planet. 

At Inui, we are expert suppliers of sustainable LED outdoor lighting. We have years experience of working with much-loved sports clubs with enthusiastic members. So, here we have come up with our insights on the importance of sustainable outdoor lighting for sports clubs.

Well-lit outdoor spaces all year round

In the depths of winter in the UK, it can get dark as early as 4 p.m. Whether professional or playing with friends for pleasure, dedicated sporty individuals want to join a sports club whose facilities enable them to be able to continue after the sun has gone down. Our customisable high-lumen output per watt LED sports pitch flood lights allow keen sports clubs to do just that! 

Helping to create a sense of community 

Sports clubs have a strong sense of community and belonging surrounding them. Sports unite us. It is fairly commonplace for long-standing friendships and relationships to be formed in sports clubs. Having powerful adjustable LED outdoor lighting helps support the community by allowing members to be able to get together all 12 months of the year. Without a doubt, socialising and engaging in sports and physical activities is essential for our mental health.

Image of tennis court with outdoor lighting.

Embracing sustainable energy

If your sports club or team plays outdoors in the elements, you should also make an effort to protect nature. The benefit of LED outdoor lighting is that it allows sports clubs to step up and do their bit for the environment. In comparison, halogen and fluorescent sports flood lights emit harmful chemicals, aren’t sustainable, and generally are no good for the environment. 

If you want outdoor LED sports lights that are fit for all your needs, you may want to be able to go for a dimmable option. We offer dimmable LED sports stadium lights at Inui.

Long-term cost savings

Bills are high and times are tough in the cost of living crisis for some sports clubs. LED outdoor lighting is an ideal solution owing to its long-term cost-saving benefits. LED lights are cheaper due to 

  • Higher energy efficiency (they are up to 80-90% more efficient than traditional)                           
  • Longer-life durable bulbs that need replacing infrequently  

Many sports clubs we work with find that switching to LED lighting is effective at saving them vital amounts of money.                             

Image of money savings.

Improving the experience for players and spectators

Ever tried picking out a hockey puck while playing hockey in darker weather somewhere that is not well-lit? What about trying to spot a flying tennis ball across a court from someone with a lightning-quick serve? Not only is it tricky, it’s pretty dangerous! Fortunately, our LED outdoor lights can be installed on poles and be perfectly angled to your bespoke needs. 

LED outdoor lighting is the safer option 

LED outdoor lights barely ever get too hot, unlike other forms of traditional lighting which are prone to overheating. Therefore, this means that LED outdoor lights are far less likely to catch fire and cause safety risks. Health and safety and looking after players, members, and spectators' safety is an essential part of running a sports club well. LED lighting is undoubtedly the safer option for modern-day sports clubs.

Interested in getting top-quality sustainable outdoor lighting for your sports club? Get in touch with our team at Inui today.