The NEW LED Submersible Flood Light

It's has been a long time in production due to the immense complex nature of this LED Submersible Flood Light. Finally the INUI-SUB has arrived to the UK market.



The INUI-SUB has a body made purely of Stainless Steel 316. This will withstand some of the toughest environments put to it. South Korea first developed the LED Submersible Flood Light with the deep sea fisherman in mind. This INUI-SUB has been used at depths regularly of between 50 & 100 Metres by the fishermen.

Here at INUI we see an ideal application when it comes to underwater inspections. This is why we have re-designed this around the supper bright Bridgelux 10-watt chip. This chip will deliver up to 170 Lumens Per Watt. With all four side producing this light output and the different beam angles. The LED Submersible Flood Light has be adapted for a variety of lighting inspection uses.

The patented precise DAO lens with the creative & optical system is a real breakthrough from the traditional mode of LED light distribution. By using this DAO lens this converts over 95% of the light utility ratio. By making use of this DAO system this means we have a greater variant of beam angles. This starts as low as 10 degree, right up to 120 degree.

The Meanwell driver has been mounted remotely, away from the main light to help increased protection. The INUI-SUB comes with a 1-metre cable as standard but has the option for extra cable in 10-metre increments.


Fishing Applications


The original fishing application is designed to attract the fish to the Green LED light with amazing catch results.

LED Submersible Flood Light



Deep Water Applications


The LED Submersible Flood Light has now, with the introduction of the White Chips made this the perfect Deep Water inspection device. There has long been the need for high powered good quality LED lights that can be taken to deep water levels. The high quality 316 Stainless Steel means this extremely robust INUI-SUB can be used in salt water conditions.