INUI LED has been closely monitoring the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation


INUI LED has been closely monitoring the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation and following the advice issued by HM Government and Public Health England (PHE)

We can confirm that a number of precautionary steps have already been taken to protect our people and

the service we provide. These measures include:

• Issuing a clear travel policy to all our people that follows the latest guidelines given by HM Government.

• Extensively communicated to all our people the importance of following basic hygiene protocols in line with

World Health Organisation and PHE guidance. This particularly focuses on hand hygiene.






To date, INUI LED has had no suspected cases amongst our workforce both here in the UK and around the

world, if we were to do so we would follow the advice issued by PHE and ask the individual to self-isolate for

the required 14 day period.

We have had no suspected cases reported at any of our manufacturing locations but if that did happen we

would report this to PHE and follow the advice given.

Clearly this is a fast moving situation and we will continue to update our customers regularly or as events


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