When it comes to Linear - INUI LED Linear Trunking System is the best on the market

We have seen more and more Linear Trunking systems appear on the market over the last 12 months. When it comes to every aspect of the product we can see that none come close to the quality of the INUI LED Linear Trunking System.

Not only does our product out perform all others on the market. The INUI system also comes in better on price and ease of installation.

We will now give you a detailed overview of out INUI LED Linear Trunking System. We will also show you just how versatile and good our product is.


INUI LED Linear Trunking System


Starting with the live end feed as shown above this makes for a quick and easy method for the electrical connection.

Our system is both single and three phase feed-able which means it is simple to spread the load making for longer runs when crying out the installation.

The INUI LED Linear Trunking System comes pre-wired in 5 or 7 core options and is manufactured to a very high standard

INUI LED Linear Trunking System


The INUI LED Linear Trunking System is an innovative and contemporary LED lighting system for trunking. The system provides optimised lighting application solutions for the supermarket sector, as well as for warehouse, education and car-workshops.

The system comprises of the main body trunking sections that house the pre-wired connections.

This is simply a plug together system and also comes with a full set of directional node options.


INUI LED Linear Trunking System


The system also offers a unique power selection system that is rivalled by all our competitors. It gives you the choice of power through the full range all from the same product.

No need to buy costly upgrades if your customers wishes to increase the output at a later date. Same goes if they wish to lower the power in some areas.

The unique power selection system for the INUI LED Linear Trunking System comes with a "Dip Switch Selection" system. This allows you to select the power output through the full range.


INUI LED Linear Trunking System Dip Sw Settings


There is also the optional dimming function from 1-10v and DALI included within the driver. Making this an all round simple solution and the most cost effective should an upgrade be required by your client.

This INUI LED Linear Trunking System also offers the choice of Emergency built into the linear system if required.

There is every choice available for suspension and fixing to make this a product or choice for every situation


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